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BIM Assure offers a foundation of accurate data.

More accurate model-based quantity take off (QTO) with better, complete BIM data

Reduce delays and miscommunication in construction by ensuring models provide all trades accurate and required information

Improve client satisfaction with detailed and complete owner BIM deliverables

Information that helps you build trust.

QTO Check

Ensure models contain information to properly identify and classify elements to streamline data import into QTO tools. E.g. ensure elements have assembly code and title information.

BIM Standards Analysis

E.g. To streamline trade coordination, ensure all model elements (doors, windows, walls, etc.) have unique marks; ensure all trades are naming elements consistently.

Owner Handover Check

Ensure models contain information for products in the field such as date installed, serial number, etc. Ensure all data required for occupancy management is present in the model, e.g. Room Number, Room Name, Department, Occupant, Space Type.

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