BIM Assure Validates Data for BIMStorm

BIM Assure Validates Data for BIMStorm: Data Independence

BIMStorm: Data Independence

Invicara is excited to be a part of this year’s BIMStorm project! If you’re not familiar with BIMStorm, it’s an open, collaborative design project. Multiple building and design teams work together on a proof of concept and afterward they share best practices they learned.

This year’s theme is Data Independence. The project focuses on data flowing through many tools, which makes BIM Assure a natural fit!

As a collaborative, cloud-based solution, BIM Assure provides a common BIM environment that lets architects, engineers, contractors and owners (AECO) share models and manage data. This creates new opportunities to streamline design and construction workflows and improve project delivery. First, you publish your model geometry and data to a BIM Assure project to share with team members. Then, intelligent rules let you quickly find and fix data issues. Finally, you can sync the corrections back to your source model.

Our role in this year’s BIMStorm is to help participants validate the supplied Revit models before they go into the project. There are a lot of owner requirements as well as modeling requirements that BIMStorm participants can check on all of the models. As a BIMStorm participant, you can get access to a special BIM Assure account. In that account, Invicara has set up templates that you can use to check your models ensure your data is accurate and complete. You can even create your own rules to check data during the BIMStorm.

Learn More in Next Week’s Webinar

We will discuss how to check models in a webinar on October 12, Cloud Based BIM Creation and Model Checking. I will join Kimon Onuma, founder of BIMStorm, and Brian Smith (also with BIM Assure). Please sign up here to attend the webinar.

We will give each BIMStorm participant access to BIM Assure account specifically for the project. But, also, you can request your own free trial of BIM Assure to try it on your projects.

We’re excited to work with BIMStorm to further push the limits of BIM!

See you on the 12th!


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