BIM Assure Connect

Your projects don’t stop when you’re not at your desk.

BIM Assure Connect – Mobile Access to Your BIM Assure Projects

BIM Assure Connect helps you stay connected to your BIM Assure projects when you’re on the go!  With an iPhone or iPad, you can stay up to date on everything that’s happening in your projects.  And, if you’re the project owner, you can even associate and run analyses on your project models.

Stay connected to all your BIM Assure projects when you’re on the go!

See when team members upload new models or run analyses.

Select and run analyses from your mobile device.

Drill into the analysis results for your project models.

Have questions? The project team’s contact info is at your fingertips!

Get the app!

Ready to get started?  Download BIM Assure Connect from the App Store or Google Play!


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