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BIM Assure. Data-rich architectural models, by design.

Ensure design vision with ability to check specifications and details of modeled elements

Improve coordination between modelers and others on the project team with Web-based access to view and edit BIM data

Keep project on schedule with better data coordination for design development and construction documents

Your vision, fully verified.

CD Set Checks

Automate model checking for your construction documentation. You can ensure all disciplines are entering data required for producing the CD set – avoiding downstream issues caused by missing or incorrect model data.

BIM Project Standards

With multiple modelers and tight deadlines, you have to keep everyone in your firm and on the project team on the same page.  BIM Assure data checks can help you ensure all disciplines are following the requirements of BIM project execution plans for better coordination.

Owner Handover Check

BIM Assure can help you provide a BIM deliverable in line with your clients requirements. You can ensure all rooms and spaces are classified properly with accurate occupancy, department and other data. You can also check asset information for building elements to ensure FM information is available.

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